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About Gujarat
Gujarat is one of well known state in West India, its capital is Gandhinagar however its largest city is Ahemdabad the state has many prestigious educational institutes as Space Research Organization, Space Application Centre, Gujarat is also famous for its beaches, temples & historic architectural assest & wildlife centuries, .Gujarat is like paradise for bird watchers & wildlife lovers, deciduous forests, grasslands, wetlands & coastal locations made Gujarat very pleasant place.

Gujrat Tourist Places To Visit
Wild Life In Gujrat
Gir Forest National Park
Blackbuck National Park
Marine National Park
Vansda National Park
Kutch Desert Wildlife
Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary
Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary
Porbandar Bird Sanctuary
1. City Tour In Gujrat

a) Ahmdabad
Ahemdabad is the largest city of Gujarat it is situated on the bank of River Sabarmati, the city has unique style of architecture which is blend of Hindus & Islamic style Ahmedabad has been known for its industry it is famous for its textile mills, it is also famous for different religious places, it is really the land of enormous temples, mosque & many historical building.
b) Amreli
It is situated near the Gulf of Khambhat in Arabian sea, the area covers approx. 7381, it is believed that during 534 AD Amreli existed as a city place with Anumanji, the ancient name of Amreli was Amarvalli. The place is well known for Gir Wildlife Sanctuary & Port Pipavav. it is considered from the prescription that Nagnath temple that ancient name of Amreli city intially Amreli was the part of former Gaekwad of Baroda. Some attractions of this place are Nagnath Temple, Palace of King, Gandhi Bagh, Siddhi Vinaya Temple, Swaminarayan temple, Dwarkadhish Haveli etc.
C) Anand
Anand district is also famous district of Gujrat, it is known as the Milk Capital of India, it become famous for Amul dairy and its Milk revolution. The Institute of Rural Management, Anand campus is also situated in Anand, Anand is also the home of Swaminarayan Mandir along with Revadas.
d) Bharuch
It is situated on the banks of River Narmada & is also a major sea port, due to this reason a number of trade activities have occured here, travel & tourism also slowly spreading in this city, there are plenty of agricultural activities in this city Places to be visited in Bharuch are Ankelshwar, Lallybhai Haveli, Golden Bridge, shoolpaneshwar Wild life Sanctuary.
e) Kachch Bhuj
Kutch district is the largest district in state of Gujarat, Kachch means something which becomes wet & dry the largest part of this district is famous as Rann of Kachch which is shallow wetland which submerges in water during the rainy season. Bhuj is as famous as Jaislmer of Gujarat it is the most important city in Kutch region, the city was destroyed in earthquake in 2001 it was the former capital of princely state Kutch. the city gots its name after the Bhujiyo Dungar hillock it is spread around fortified hill, Places to visit Kutch are Katch Museum, Darbargarh palace & Narayan Sarovar Wildlife Sanctuary.
f) Porbandar
Porbandar is famous as coastal city in the Indian state of Gujrat, it is also famous for Mahatma Gandhi's Birth Place it has also a port here According to Hindu mythology Porbandar is the place associated with Lord Krishna & Sudama, other famous places are Barda Hills Wildlife Sanctuary.
WildLife In Gujarat
Gujarat is a paradise for wildlife lovers, Wild forests, desert plains, wetlands Grasslands & marine made Gujarat one of the most pleasant place for wildlife. The Asiatic lions are found in Gir National Park. The Rann of Kutch is also famous as only nesting ground in India of the large flamingo.
a) Gir Forest National Park

Blackbuck National Park

c) Marine National Park

d)Kutch Desert Wildlife

e)Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary
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